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Featured Truck

James Denolfi Jr.
Jarrettsville, MD

Every couple of weeks a new truck will be chosen at random, from our member list.

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--- Whats New ---

-   Click on the New High Rollers Annual Auto Show Link. I have added the information for this years show and also have updated the signup sheet for the 2003 show. So please check it out!

-   Paul Guenther has added pictures and vehicle information to his members page. You can find this on members page 3.

-   Check back soon for more updates

End Of the Year Party Award Winners

Member's Choice: Christina Nemeth
Most Improved: Bobby Phelon
Most Dedicated: Mike Mastrangelo
Best Ford: Bela Nemeth
Best GM: Mike Donovan
Best Chrysler (Dodge, Jeep): Steve Goncharov
Best Import: Mark Zanni
Best High Rollers Windshield Decal: Mark Zanni
Best Off - Road Capable: Mike Mastrangelo
Best Tire/ Wheel Combo: Christina Nemeth
Perfect Attendance at Meetings: Mike Mastrangelo

And Still Champion...

High Rollers Truck of the Year

This years winner is:  Mike Donovan
His truck is a:  Chevy Z-71 Stepside

This spot is dedicated to the club member's truck that won the most trophies last truck season.  This will be featured here until next seasons winner is announced. Click on the picture to see more information about the truck and its owner. For car leasing visit intelligentcarleasing.com

For Questions conserning the website please e-mail me at HighRollers4x4Club@comcast.net. For club related questions, send e-mail to highrollers4x4club@hotmail.com.

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Club Height Meter

Height Meter

This meter shows the total height of all of the trucks in the club.

The Total at this time is :   26.8 ft.
    If that doesn't seem like much, that is taller than a two story building. Or in trucking terms, it is taller than 7 44" tires stacked end to end. Thats a lot of lift!!!

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