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Club Purpose

As stated in our Certificate of Incorporation.

The purpose for which this corporation is organized is to promote and encourage the fellowship, and competition through the sponsorship and attendance of truck shows; to promote and encourage the ownership of four wheel drive vehicles for work, pleasure, competition, and recreation of its members; to promote and stimulate educational, recreational, physical, and social intersestof its members and to present awards to those who excel in competition.

Member's Rules:


Members must be 18 years of age. Those under the age of 18 may sign up as a co-pilot with a parent or legal guardian as the member.


Members must reside on one of the following states: New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, or New York.


All trucks must be 4 wheel drive and lifted with a minimum tire diameter of 33", with an aggressive tread pattern.


All trucks must be show quality and/or possess off-road capability.


All members must have a valid driver's license.


No Drugs or alcohol will be permitted at club functions or events. If at any time a club member is caught with drugs or drug paraphernalia at a club event or show, the member will be suspended for a period of one year and have their sticker removed. At the end of the one year period, the individual may re-apply for membership. The application for membership will be voted on at a general membership meeting. If it is agreed that the individual's membership is to be reinstated, they will serve a 6 month probation period.


All members must have a good attitude towards all club members at all times, as well as those outside the club. It is important that we project a positive club image at all times.


Drinking and Driving at club functions will not be tolerated. If you plan on drinking alcohol at shows, where alcohol is permitted, you must have a designated driver.


All members must attend a minimum of 2 shows and 3 meetings a year.


All members must wear a clean club shirt or jacket at shows.


All trucks must display a High Rollers windshield decal, unless otherwise approved by the board.


Windshield decals may be purchased through the club or a vendor member's choice. T-shirts, jackets or other High Rollers paraphernalia must be purchased through the club, since they bear the High rollers Logo and serve as fundraisers for the club.


All potential members must be judged, by the Membership committee, before joining.

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Types of Memberships and Costs

Type Cost Description
Full Member $30.00 A person whose truck meet's the club's basic criteria and has been inspected by our membership and passed their set of standards. These member's trucks must display the High Rollers 4x4 Club name on their windshield. Full members are also eligible to compete for member's choice awards for their trucks, as well as deicated members and perfect attendance awards. These awards are presented by the club at the annual year end dinner.
Auxiliary Member $15.00 Those who own a truck that does not meet the basic criteria or those who simply enjoy being involved in the club atmosphere and partaking in club activities. Although these members are not eligible to display a windshield sticker, they are given a small logo sticker for their vehicle. They are only eligible for deticated member and perfect attendance awards presented by the club at the annual end dinner.

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Club History

      It all started back in 1992, when BJ ( the clubs Vice President) got his pickup and lifted it. After that a couple of his buddies from the neighborhood, Andy and Ken, got trucks and lifted them. They used to always read about all of those shows in the truck magazines and always talked about going. Finally, everyone got together and went to Reading, PA at the speedway. This was the first truck show for everyone.
      After that show everyone was hooked on the shows and show trucks. The next show that they went to was the Jersey Jamboo and then Bloomsburg. After that they started doing the show curcuit every year. Deciding on a list of all the shows they were going to go to. Everyone just hung around each other all the time. Then they all decided to give each other a name. That's when the High Rollers name was born. Everyone figured, since they all have extremly high lifted trucks on big tires, they decides to be called the High Rollers. After a few years, things changed. Brain, Paul, Chiff, Greg, Chris, Mike, and Skip were picked up a year or two later. Then no one was serious about the club except for BJ, Christina, and Ken.
      One day at Main Road liquors, BJ met Mark ( he had a silver Toyota). They talked for a while. That weekend Mark met at BJ and Christina's house and followed them up to Bloomsburg. After that Mark started going to all of the shows with BJ and Christina. Then Ken got rid of his truck and only BJ, Christina, Mark, Lorie, Mike, and Skip were left.
      BJ,Christina, Mark, and Lorie were talking one night about incorporating the club. They decided to incorporate the club to make it an official club. This club would grow and grow and would be something great for all 4x4 enthusiasts to enjoy with us. They decided on who was going to be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treaurer. Even though BJ started the Club, he didn't want to be President of the club, so he let Mark be President. So, BJ became Vice President, Chritina became Treasurer , and Lorie became Secretary. After that, they filled out all of the parper work and on May 26, 1999 the High Rollers 4x4 Club was considerd a real legitimate club.

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Contact Information

For information on becoming a member or any other club question
contact the following e-mail address.

Club Address

High Rollers 4x4 Club
552 Beacon Ave
Vineland, NJ 08360
(856)692-9081 or (856)692-2412
e-mail: highrollers4x4club@hotmail.com